Woking Golf Club


When the March 2020 lockdown arrived, our Head Professional Carl Bianco (below) decided that in lieu of the ability to teach Members on a technical, one-to-one basis, he would instead focus on helping those same Members think about the strategy of each individual hole, and plot their way around the golf course.

These hole by hole guides were "fed" to Members daily, but as we have thousands of visiting golfers each year as well, and because we want everyone to enjoy the physical and mental demands of Woking, a great strategic golf course design, we are broadening the series to the World Wide Web via our social media platforms. 

It is worth saying that while the Woking Membership loved these guides, the feedback from some responses showed that there is "more than one way to skin a cat", although the less orthodox approaches, such as a bounce off the apex roof to 4 feet on the 18th while 1 down in a match, were isolated instances, and so it is probably sensible to stick to these tried and tested methods, assuming you can hit the ball where Carl tells you to...

Carl probably knows these holes as well as any person alive, so he is well suited to help us increase the joy of playing this great golf course.. Enjoy!

Hole 1

Hole 2

Hole 3

Hole 4

Hole 5

Hole 6

Hole 7

Hole 8

Hole 9

Hole 10

Hole 11

Hole 12

Hole 13

Hole 14

Hole 15

Hole 16

Hole 17

Hole 18

Hole 19 - the Pavilion! (Member only content!)

Hole 20 - the Pro Shop (Member only content!)

Hole 21 - the Swing Studio (Member only content!)

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