The course is open for play with no restrictions.
Dress Code

At certain times there is a need for smart dress at the Club; please note the following guidelines.


Golf wear is allowed throughout the Club,  however we recommend that after 10.30 am gentlemen wear a jacket in the dining room either over golf wear or with a collar and tie.  

Please remove hats in the Clubhouse and please note golf shoes and shorts are not allowed in the Lounge or Dining Room.  Ladies are asked not to wear shorts. 


Recognised golfing wear must include proper  golf shoes and we ask that golf shirts are tucked into trousers/shorts. For gentlemen, shorts, if worn, need to be tailored and no more than 3” above the knee and may be worn with either long socks or  white ankle socks (fully covering the ankle). Ladies are requested not to wear short shorts at any time.

 ‘Recognised golfing wear’, as at most clubs means no denim jeans, vest tops, t-shirts or collarless shirts, athletic type shorts, cargo shorts and trousers with pockets on the outside, trainers and sandals. This applies in the clubhouse and on the course.

All golfers are requested not to change their shoes in the car park.

Juniors: Juniors’ standards are the same as for gentlemen and ladies.